Mondetta Charity Foundation was founded in 2004 to establish charitable initiatives in Uganda and Kenya, where MPG’s founders were born. Having engaged in philanthropy from the company’s inception in their home city of Winnipeg, Canada, MPG leadership realized there was an opportunity to return to their roots and try to make a difference on a global scale. When determining where to focus their efforts, the Foundation resolved to help children in the region who, through no fault of their own, are the most vulnerable victims of poverty, violence, and the AIDS epidemic that has ravaged the African continent.

Why We Give

MCF’s vision is to help create a world where every child flourishes and fulfills their potential. Adhering to our core values of partnership and community, we seek to eliminate barriers and improve impoverished and disadvantaged children’s lives through access to education, health & nutrition, and gender equality programs.

Mondetta Charity Foundation


By concentrating on initiatives geared towards education, MCF aims to provide children living under challenging circumstances an opportunity to make their aspirations for a better life come true and break the cycle of poverty that can afflict families for generations.

Mondetta Charity Foundation

Health & Nutrition

To succeed academically and truly excel, every child requires access to nutritional sustenance and health services. By supporting feeding programs, medical missions, and water projects, MCF is committed to ensuring no child is left behind due to hunger or illness.

Mondetta Charity Foundation

Gender Equality

Opportunity should never be limited or impaired by one’s gender. To ensure young girls receive an equal chance to obtain an education, fulfil their dreams and aspirations, and create lives for themselves of which they can be proud, MCF has embarked upon a gender equality program focused on providing young girls of today with tools to become empowered women of tomorrow.

Mondetta Charity Foundation

How We Give

To ensure MCF can carry out and continue the vital work it is engaged in, MPG donates a portion of annual sales to the Foundation. With every MPG purchase, you directly contribute to educational investments, nutrition programs, clean water initiatives, uniform and footwear supplies, and health missions bringing medical treatment to children who would otherwise go without.

We sincerely thank every MPG customer for playing their part in our efforts to improve the lives of children in need.

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