Fabrics & Technology

Modern Ambition is performance-driven fashion, infused with technical innovation to improve function for maximum comfort and freedom of movement. We search the globe to source the highest-quality, premium fabrics with advanced fibers to create clothing that empowers you to live limitlessly.

TechniCity Poplin

93% Polyester, 7% Spandex

TechniCity Poplin is a patented polyester blend engineered with a luxe, soft cotton hand-feel and technical performance properties. A Modern Ambtion staple fabric, this unique blend of polyester and spandex has excellent moisture wicking capabilities, anti-odor and anti-wrinkle properties with performance-grade stretch and shape retention, designed specifically for traveling and the city commute.

Air-Tech Poplin

96% Cotton, 4% Spandex

Air-Tech Poplin is a technical cotton-spandex blend engineered with luxurious yarns for the look and feel of cotton, but performance benefits of stretch and superior breathability. This fabric is lightweight with a soft hand-feel paired with advanced properties to eliminate odor and resist water and spills.

PerformLuxe Cotton Poplin

76% Cotton, 21% Nylon, 3% Spandex

PerformLuxe Cotton Poplin is the ultimate flex-cotton blend designed to achieve the most luxurious feel. Our best feeling Poplin is engineered with technical anti-odor and anti-wrinkle properties paired with superior breathability, strength and technical stretch.

FlexWarp Knit

65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

FlexWarp Knit is a polyester, cotton blend that uses cutting-edge circular knitting technology to enhance comfort and performance. Superior 4-way stretch, ultimate shape rentention and lightweight breathability, this anti-odor, water resistant warp knit fabric provides a soft cotton hand-feel and luxe knit look.

FlexPiqué Knit

100% Cotton

FlexPique Knit is a breathable, lightweight, 100% cotton knit, engineered for performance with ultimate stretch and shape retention. We've reimagined the dress shirt by using a Pique knit, typically used for polo shirts, thus creating superior comfort, with anti-odor and water resistant properties.

PerformFit Denim

Her: 62% Cotton, 13% Lyocell, 12% Thermolite®, 12% COOLMAX®
Him: 75% Cotton, 12% Thermolite®, 12% COOLMAX®, 1% Lycra

PerformFit denim is engineered with Thermolite® and COOLMAX® technology for all season temperature regulation. Designed for the traveller in mind with superior stretch, moisture wicking features, breathability and shape retention, combined with modern washes and silhouettes, PerformFit is your new favourite denim.


Stretch Twill: 64% cotton, 32% Nylon, 4% spandex
Performance Twill: 76% cotton, 20% nylon, 4% spandex

TechTwill is a technical performance Twill featuring ultimate stretch, shape retention and breathability.


Brushed Back Twill: 79% Nylon, 21% Spandex

SoftTechTwill is our softest, technical Twill with all of the performance features of our regular TechTwill but with and added brushed back finish for an extra-soft feel.

Polygiene® Stays Fresh

Polygiene® Stays Fresh neutralizes odor by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. The odor-free effect is guaranteed for the normal lifetime of the product. Polygiene-treated apparel stays fresh longer, requiring less washing and at lower temperatures reducing water and energy consumption and limiting the release of microplastics and washing detergents. Polygiene uses naturally occurring silver salt (silver chloride) made from recycled silver, a highly effective antimicrobial agent, to safely inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fung without affecting the natural bacterial flora of your skin.

Polygiene® Odor Crunch®

Polygiene® Odor Crunch® technology provides odor control through the use of sand (silica); one of the world’s most plentiful and natural resources. By controlling odor, garments do not need to be washed as often, reducing water and energy consumption and limiting the release of microplastics and washing detergents.


Engineered with hollow-core fibers that trap air for greater insulation. Perfect for layering due to its lightweight comfort, allowing for freedom of movement


COOLMAX® is a specially engineered wicking performance fabric that moves moisture away from the skin. COOLMAX® fabric absorbs little liquid and dries relatively quickly by spreading moisture out across the fabric to improve the evaporative drying time.