Use our handy comparison chart to find the sustainable update to your favorite capri, 7/8 and full-length leggings. The same silhouette and style details you love from the original version, but now available in recycled fabric options for an ecofriendly take on your tried-and-true, must-have leggings.

If you like this legging (see Original Version column), you’ll love the new sustainable option (see Sustainable Update column)!


Style Name Design Features
Sustainable Update Original Version Inseam Length High Waisted Cut-To-Length Feature Learn More Mini Waistband Pocket Side Pockets Infinity Drawcord
Dashing Capri = Dare Capri 21" Yes
Dashing High Waisted Capri = Dare High Waisted Capri 21" Yes Yes
Prosper 7/8 High Waisted Legging = Spell 7/8 Legging 26" Yes
Rapid Legging = Revitalize Legging 31" Yes Yes
Rapid High Waisted Legging = Revitalize High Waisted Legging 31" Yes Yes Yes
Swift High Waisted Legging = Revitalize High Waisted Legging 27" Yes Yes Yes
Rebounder Legging = Coach Legging 28" Yes Yes