Not a short but not quite a full-length legging, our capris are the perfect transition item to add to your style rotation. Amazing quality, thoughtful details and a wide variety of different styles that are always on trend. Test them out to see and feel the difference – we dare you not to love them!
Grid List
Prelude High Waisted Signature Capri
Prelude Signature Capri
Dare High Waisted Signature Capri
Dare Signature Chevron Jacquard Capri
Dare Signature Capri
Progress Active Capri
Neo 2.0 High Waisted Capri
Exclusive High Waisted Capri
Haze Iridescent Ombre Capri
Heritage Stink-Free Seamless Capri
$48.00 $28.80
Asteroid Cycling Pant
$88.00 $52.80
The Om Crop Pant
Decipher Eco Cropped Jogger
$66.00 $39.60
Sonar 2.0 Essential Crop Pant
$75.00 $45.00
Splicer Laser Cut Studio 7/8 Legging
$70.00 $42.00
Enlace Macrame-Look Lattice Capri
Tron Cycling Capri
$80.00 $48.00
Daring Capri
$55.00 $33.00