National Indigenous People’s Day

To commemorate National Indigenous People’s Day and provide Mondetta/MPG staff with an opportunity to embrace the true meaning of the occasion, we invited two distinguished speakers to our head office on June 17th.

Brian McLeod, a community spiritual teacher, performs a traditional song

Our first guest was Brian McLeod, principal at Strong Heart Consulting, a community spiritual teacher whose teachings focus on Indigenous education and fostering relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

Bram Strain, President of the Manitoba Business Council talks to Mondetta staff about the Indigenous Education Award

Bram Strain, President of the Manitoba Business Council, manages Manitoba’s Indigenous Education Awards program, which has provided over 2600 awards totalling over $6 million to indigenous students. Mondetta is one of the most significant contributors to this education fund, with a $150,000 contribution for 2022. Mr. Strain spoke about how our endowment is making a difference in helping Indigenous students.

Professional Pledge of Reconciliation

The Professional Pledge

In addition to taking time to learn more about the significance of National Indigenous People’s Day, our company has made the Professional Pledge of Reconciliation. Presented by the Indigenous Corporate Training Inc., it is a document we’re using to reaffirm our support for #92 of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission and make changes internally to support the indigenous people in our community.

Mondetta staff seated and listening to Brian McLeod and Bram Strain

Thank you Mr. McLeod and Mr. Strain

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