Celebrating International Yoga Day

Top 5 Reasons We ❤️ Yoga

#1. You Can Practice Anywhere

When all you need is a mat, you can take your practice anywhere you go – from your backyard, to a hotel room, to a paddle board.

#2. It's for Everyone

A low impact activity that can be easily modified for any age or comfort level, yoga is ideal for those who are new to exercise, coming back from injury or illness or those looking for a rest-day routine.

#3. It Reduces Stress

Often referred to as a “moving meditation”, yoga teaches poses and breathing techniques that serve as an easy and effective way to reduce tension and stress.

#4. It's Not About Perfection

Yoga is a personal journey that celebrates your own individual strength, reminding us to let go of perfection and embrace progress.

#5. Lowers the Risk of Injury

Yoga increases flexibility and improves the health of your bones while strengthening your muscles, helping to protect your body from injury.

Flow Your Own Way

Celebrate International Yoga Day with a 55 min. Vinyasa Flow, designed to accommodate all levels of practice, from beginner to advanced.

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