Green Resolutions For 2022

As a certified B Corp™ committed to doing business by adhering to the highest environmental, social, and ethical standards, we want to inspire as many people as possible to help protect the environment.

Here are five things you can do this year to help make a difference in the world.

MPG model wearing black biker shorts riding a bike

1. Make the three R’s your guiding principle.

Recycling, reducing, and reusing materials to decrease your total waste output is one of the best ways to save natural resources and minimize energy consumption.

2. Rid your home of toxins.

Instead of using cleaners with harmful chemicals, try natural alternatives such as vinegar and baking powder, which are terrific for all-purpose cleaning.

3. Clear the air.

Try to reduce using your vehicle by opting for public transportation and walking or cycling where and when possible. You’ll cut down on harmful emissions AND get some exercise as well.

MPG model wearing a black yoga outfit sitting on a yoga mat indoors

4. Teach your kids.

By imparting eco-friendly values and lessons to your children today, you’ll help create responsible and environmentally conscious individuals in the future who will continue the efforts for a greener planet.

5. Do what you can.

The challenges posed by climate change can often feel overwhelming, and many of us may wonder if what we do will legitimately make a difference. But we can think and act locally to make real change happen in our communities. These little things add up, and real change can and will occur when multiplied by millions of people.

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