Kathryn Boren: MPG Messenger

Meet MPG Messenger Kathryn Boren: professional dancer, cross training fanatic and choreographer of her own life… one step (twirl, jump & lift) at a time.

Growing up in Dallas, Texas – Kathryn’s infatuation for movement and dance was innate. "I began taking ballet lessons when I was three years old and have been in love with it since the beginning." Following this unrelenting passion, Kathryn threw herself into the world of ballet.

Fast forward to today – Kathryn is now a professional ballerina with the prestigious American Ballet Theater in New York City. Juggling a demanding schedule of practicing in studio, training at the gym and performing all over the world, her life is nonstop.

At MPG, we understand that life isn’t a spectator sport. It’s an all-in, full contact adventure and we’ve designed the technical clothing you need to keep up.

Just like in Kathryn’s world of dance, everyday life is better when you have the power to move freely and comfortably. Paired with the confidence of standout style made with exceptional quality at smart prices – you’re set to take on the day (and the world), one movement at a time.

Ballet was my first love. I've never felt as strongly about anything as I do about ballet.
I spend all day every day rehearsing in the studio or working out in the gym… I need clothing that can withstand all of that while still making me feel good.
MPG clothing is so comfortable and looks so trendy… I don't feel like I'm ever underdressed.
Pursuing a professional career in ballet is extremely demanding. Your body has to be in peak performance shape at all times. In addition, you have to be so mentally strong. A dancer is one of the most mentally strong minds you'll ever encounter.
I love the Britt Polished Pant. They're so versatile and can be worn for so many different occasions…not to mention they're incredibly comfortable.

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