Mondetta Gets Involved

Committed to taking action and making a positive change in our community, the Mondetta Community Service team completed its inaugural volunteer experience at a local food bank, Manitoba Harvest.

On June 23rd, a team of Mondetta staff volunteered at Manitoba Harvest to assist with their Meals2Go program, which focuses on providing lunches to underprivileged children at Winnipeg schools. Manitoba Harvest was an ideal choice for the team’s first initiative because not only are they helping those in need across our province, but they’re also our neighbours, located directly next door to our HQ.

Mondetta’s Community Service team is beyond delighted their inaugural volunteer initiative was a resounding success. Staff members who participated all agreed the experience was richly rewarding and stated they felt immensely fulfilled by rolling up their sleeves and putting in the effort to help those in need.

The MCS is already looking ahead to new volunteer opportunities but until then, check out some pics of the team in action:

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