B Corporation™ Focus: Philanthropy

Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

- Helen Keller

Since the Mondetta Clothing Company’s inception, giving back has remained a core value of ours that continues to reverberate into the present day. From annual golf tournaments with proceeds going to local medical foundations to the establishment of the Mondetta Charity Foundation in 2004 to operate in East Africa from where our founders hail, philanthropy has remained at the heart of everything we do.

We established the Mondetta Charity Foundation (MCF) in 2004 to do some good in Uganda and Kenya. From the beginning, MCF focused its efforts on children who are often the most vulnerable victims of the poverty, violence, and AIDS epidemic that are tragically common characteristics of life on the African continent. Although they had left their homelands over 30 years previous, the bonds to where one is originally from are not easily severed.

Through the Foundation, from the outset, we targeted our efforts on education, healthcare and nutrition, and gender equality to break the cycle of impoverishment that can afflict families for generations. Presently, we support a primary school in the Kamwokya slum in Kampala, Uganda, the nation’s capital, and a satellite location of the New Life Home Trust orphanage based in Kisumu, Kenya. By providing children with a headstart and the support they need to succeed, we hope to empower the children of today to become contributing members of society tomorrow.

Boy in a classroom sitting a desk smiling, at Kamwokya Primary School


By concentrating on initiatives geared towards education, we aim to provide children living under challenging circumstances an opportunity to make their aspirations for a better life come true and break the cycle of poverty that can afflict families for generations.

Children at Kamwokya Primary School at lunchtime

Health & Nutrition

To succeed academically and truly excel, every child requires access to nutritional sustenance and health services. We’re working to ensure no child is left behind due to hunger or illness by supporting feeding programs, medical missions, and water projects.

Boy and girl students hugging at Kamwokya Primary School

Gender Equality

Access and opportunity should never be limited or impaired by one’s gender. we’re committed to providing safe spaces for female education and improving the quality of life to allow young girls to grow into successful and empowered young women.

Aiming to maximize our philanthropic efforts, we decided to take a grassroots approach by partnering with organizations that were small enough to require assistance but had the infrastructure and administration in place to manage matters without our getting involved in day-to-day affairs.

To ensure 100% of all funds pledged to the Foundation would go to beneficiaries and not spent on administration, marketing, or other corollary expenditures, Mondetta Clothing, our organization’s parent company, covers all costs to manage the Foundation. Plus, we pledge 1% of all sales, across the company’s brands, to our philanthropic efforts.

Mondetta Charity Foundation logo

Local Involvement

Starting in 2020, we’ve provided scholarship endowments to indigenous students graduating from high school in the Seven Oaks School Division in our hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. And separate from the Foundation’s work, we’re giving $100,000 over three years to the Business Council of Manitoba's Indigenous Education Awards to further promote educational endeavours, echoing MCF's focus and efforts.

If you are interested in learning more, donating, or volunteering with MCF, please contact us at mcf@mondetta.com

To donate to MCF, please visit this link: CanadaHelps.org

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